Coconut Oreo Balls, Best Idea Ever!!!!

A few years ago my friend, Alexis, introduced me to Oreo Balls!!  If you’ve ever had them you know how awesome and addictive they are.  If you haven’t, well, I feel sorry for you cause you are definitely missing out!!  After I made the basic Oreo Ball, I thought there had to be more options and flavors so I started playing around with some and found one of my favorites, which I’m going to share today!!!  Coconut Oreo Balls!!!!  I love coconut and chocolate, I just think the 2 go really well together.  So here we go!


–1 pkg. Golden Oreos or Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

–8 oz. pkg. Cream Cheese (I always use reduced fat cream cheese, cause it’s just a little bit healthier and you might as well cut calories where you can)

–2 Tbsp. Powdered Sugar

–2-4 tsp. Coconut Extract

–Melting Chocolate (Vanilla and Chocolate)


Step 1:

Place Oreos into Food Processor and pulse until the cookies are fine crumbs.  You’ll do the entire pkg. of Oreos so keep going until you are done… feel free to eat the cookies that refuse to become crumbs.  Depending on how much coconut taste you want, add some coconut in with the cookies while they process into crumbs.  I usually do about 1/2 c.

Step 2:

With a hand mixer (or as I like to call it ‘Mixing by Hand’, inside joke…maybe some day I’ll tell it), mix in cream cheese, powdered sugar and coconut extract.  Once again, depending on how much you like coconut add 2-4 tsp. of the coconut extract.  Mix until well combined and it becomes dough.

Step 3:

Form dough into balls (about the size a cherry) and place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  **I would actually have a taste or two of the dough to make sure it’s to your coconut liking, and/or just to try it, and then form into balls… 🙂 **  Place cookie sheet in fridge (1-2 hours) or freezer 30 min – an hour) to harden.

Step 4:

While the balls are hardening, you can toast your coconut.  This is optional…  the toasted coconut is to sprinkle after coating with chocolate.  So feel free to toast or not 🙂

Step 5:

Melt your chocolate.  If I’m using the actual chocolate I like to use the Baker’s Dipping Chocolate handy, microwavable container…less dishes and it melts really well.  If I’m using White Chocolate…that’s a completely different story.  It’s harder to melt and often doesn’t work properly.  I finally found some at Thanksgiving at Publix that works really well and stocked up!!!  The brand is Ambrosia and it’s White Bark Coating.  The bark looks like it’s in ice-cube trays.  Melts really well!!!

Step 6:

Dip your balls in the melted chocolate, and transfer onto your wax paper lined cookie sheet.  I use a fork to dip the balls because the excess chocolate runs off better and then you don’t have a pool of chocolate on your wax paper.  Sprinkle with coconut (if you want) right after dipping.  After all your balls have been coated, return to the fridge or freezer to harden.


Other flavors I’ve made:

Mint, Pumpkin Pie, German Chocolate, Almond Joy, Raspberry, S’mores

I have a lot of ideas for other flavors, but what do you think would be a good flavor??


7 thoughts on “Coconut Oreo Balls, Best Idea Ever!!!!

    • I could do peanut butter ones, and then coat with powdered sugar after dipping in chocolate… what do you think of that? or plain chocolate balls, dipped in peanut butter flavored chocolate; sprinkled with powdered sugar…. I’ll work on that:)

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