The Lentzed Life was created when my husband and I made the giant move from MN to FL.  I thought it would be a great way for us to share our journey and the fun things we were doing in FL with our friends and family.

In Sept. 2012, my husband lost his job and we made the decision to move back to MN.  We were both able to find jobs right away, and decided to live with my parents until we figured out where we were going to be permanently.

I am still working at the Rochester Center for Autism working as a Behavior Therapist, as well teaching a Social Skills class.  Matt was working for as a Project Engineer and traveling all the time, where we were only able to see each on the weekends and sometimes only 2 days a month.  Thankfully, that all changed in August of 2014 when he got a new job and is home every night!!!

We are finally home owners and loving it!! 🙂

I love crafting, baking, cooking & running so most of what you see will be those kinds of posts (mainly because the hubby and I don’t do fun stuff everyday, every weekend or even every month…).

This is us 🙂


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