The Day the Music Died…

My MP3 player died today in the middle of my run!!!!!!  Ahhh….  If you’re a runner who needs music to run, you understand the horrible feeling of helplessness when you don’t have access to your music.

Please don’t judge me, if you don’t listen to music or think it’s an awful habit (cause you think real runners don’t need music) I apologize.  I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it can cause potentially dangerous situations.  However, I don’t play it too loud and am always aware of my surroundings, and I can’t help it… 😦

I’m very thankful to whoever created Best Buy and inexpensive mp3 players! 🙂  I was able to go to Best Buy and return my broken one (seeing as how it was less than 2 months old).  I was so excited to create another playlist!!  Ah, the simple joys of life 😉  Who knew creating a running playlist could make a person’s day?!   My excitement was short lived when the new mp3 player didn’t work either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Back to Best Buy I went…  Third times a charm 🙂

So in celebration of getting a new mp3 player and creating a new playlist I went for another 4+ mile run!  I think I’m getting a little too into running, especially when I ran twice in 1 day just to listen to my music… 🙂

On a side note: I have to say I am incredibly proud of myself (and the hubby).  I’ve been a running fool!!  And he’s been lifting a lot and adding some cardio in there.  I never thought I’d see the day when running 8 miles was a quick and fun thing to do… or the other day I ran 12.5 miles and there was no finish line or medal waiting for me (first time I’ve ran that far without either of those things).  It was just another day 🙂  It has become second nature and I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m feeling really good about my upcoming races, training is going better than I thought it would… I’m hoping it stays this way! 🙂

What do you ask is my music of choice???  Here’s my playlist (in no special order):

Artist &/or Album

Song (+notes)

Allstar Weekend Not Your Birthday (great beginning song, keeps you at a nice pace to start off with)
Avril Lavigne What the Hell, Smile, & I Can do Better
Britney Spears Til The World Ends
Carly Rae Jepsen THE WHOLE CD!!!!!  I couldn’t believe what a fantastic find this was, it’s not often I find a singer with an entire album that has great running songs!
Chris Brown  Yeah 3x & Forever
Cobra Starship #1 Night & You Make Me Feel
Demi Lovato You’re My Only Shorty
Flo Rida Let It Roll, Run, & Wild Ones
Glee Cast Friday (yes, Friday… don’t judge), & Jump
Hot Chelle Rae I Like it Like That (great for my hill intervals on the treadmill)
Hwood Could It Be You
Jay Sean 2012, Do You Remember & Down
Karmin Brokenhearted
Ke$ha We R Who We R & Tik Tok
Kelly Clarkson Stronger
Maroon 5 Payphone (this one is more for when I do my hill intervals on the   treadmill)
Metro Station Shake It
Miley Cyrus Liberty Walk, Permanent December
Nicki Minaj Starships, Pound the Alarm, & Fly (great for cool down &   stretching)
Nicole Scherzinger Don’t Hold Your Breath
P!nk Rains Your Glass
Pitbull & Chris Brown  International Love
Rihanna Shut Up and Drive & We Found Love
Taio Cruz Dynamite & Break Your Heart
Ultimate Workouts: #1 Running Hits (various artists) Great Deal!!!  On   you can get this for $8 for 50 songs and most are great running songs! My   favorites:Sweet Dreams, Simply the Best, Live Your Life, Highway to Hell, Do   you Wanna Make It, Holding out for a Hero, & Eye of the Tiger
The Wanted Chasing the Sun & Lightning
Cheer Music I have a few cheer mixes from back in the day that are 20min long   that are fantastic!!!  I tell myself I   can stop running when the song is over 😉

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