Social Skills: Back to School Week

As some of you may know, I work at an Autism Center as a Behavior Therapist.  We do 1-on-1 therapy for kids with Autism.  I absolutely love my job and am so glad to be doing something that makes such a huge impact and fulfills a great need!  Another girl and I have been asked to teach the Social Skills class (cause 1 had a baby and another got a great opportunity in the school district), I will be teaching the early learners and she’ll be teaching the older kids.  We’ve kind of decided on doing themes each week and then doing our own thing for our classes.  Since we have different abilities in the classes it’d be more fun for each of us to be able to do something age/ability appropriate, instead of modifying 1 activity for each class.

We have decided the first week will be Back-to-School week.  Yes, I know school started weeks ago… but we are a little behind in our scheduling, so yea…  Anyway, this is what I have planned for my kiddos this week 🙂

Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt: (Lesson Plan)

This activity is perfect for the first day/week of school; it can familiarize kids with their surroundings and introduces them to teachers or important people at school.  Most of our kids come to the center year-round but sometimes it’s just nice to reintroduce them to their surroundings.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books:  

I was really excited to find this book, such a great back-to-school book.  The kids really like how silly it is!  I found a wonderful lesson plan from First Grade Wow, and I used one of the activities.

I created my own Old Lady head, by using the cut-outs from the website.

I then used the clip art from the website for the different school supplies the Old Lady eats.  We started class by talking about the different kinds of school supplies we might use at school.  I gave each child one cut-out clip art picture.  As I read the story, each child took turns and fed the Old Lady the school supplies.  This activity worked well with my kids because I only have 4-5 kids in each class; my suggestion would be to modify for bigger class sizes.

They thought it was hilarious!!!  The kids really had a great time with this activity.

Classroom Puzzle:

I’m a huge fan of unity and this activity is a great way to fulfill that; it shows off everyone’s style and personality but reflects that you all come together to be a class and fit together perfectly.

I printed off a puzzle template from DLTK’s Crafts for Kids (which by the way has great and simple ideas for crafts and activities).  I then cut out the pieces on heavy-duty white paper, decorated each piece and then glues onto a colored sheet of paper.

Name Recognition:

I found this activity on Pinterest and the resource given was A Place Called Kindergarten, but of course when I tried to find the actual activity I couldn’t find it…  So I created my own Lesson Plan 🙂

This one is a nice activity for Pre-School or Kindergarten.  It allows children to decorate the first letter in their name and then work on writing their names.  It’s perfect for name and letter recognition while letting them decorate to suit their personality.

I found an alphabet template on DLTK, cut out the amount of each letter I needed, each child decorated their letter and then glued it onto a colored piece of paper.  Once they glued their letter, I wrote ‘is for _______________’, the child (some with help) wrote their name.