Freezer Meals for Matt: Back in the Game

So, Summer isn’t the greatest time for freezer meals.  Matt didn’t really want hot food, when the weather is hot.  Totally understandable, and summer is usually pretty busy for me anyway, so it kind of worked out nicely.  Well, now that it’s getting colder it’s time to make more meals!!!

For some reason, I can’t find any of the pics from the meals I made so I’m just going to list them all off, and let you know my changes 🙂

Cauliflower Bake:

This one was really good.  I like the idea that not every casserole has to involve pasta!  For this recipe, I followed it exactly and didn’t change a thing.  If I make it again, I might change the veggies or make it fajita flavored with onions, peppers and chicken.

Bacon Corn & jalapeno Pasta:

My husband really liked this one!  He’s big on HOT, he’ll add hot sauce or jalapenos to anything; so when I found this I knew he would like it.

I changed things a little…  I added cooked, cubed chicken.  Switched the Orzo pasta to Penne to add volume.  I might have added extra jalapenos and garlic to add more flavor.

Crazy Good Casserole:

Another really good one!!!!  The only thing I changed was the soup; I used Campbell’s Heart Healthy Cream of Chicken instead…  I like to save calories where ever I can, basically so I can eat dessert 🙂  I did think it was a little too garlicy, so 1 TBSP might be a little much.

Easy Beef Stroganoff:

Every so often, I ask Matt what he wants for meals and I always get the same response… “I don’t care, I like whatever.”  That is until this past weekend, he says Beef Strogonaff!  Most of the meals I make are things that sound good to me, even though I’m making them for Matt.  I find recipes on Pinterest that I’d eat, with ingredients I like.

Beef Strogonaff is NOT one of those things.  I hate mushrooms, so I never even thought about making this for Matt, who LOVES mushrooms!  So being the good wife I am, I made it for him…  quite honestly the smell emanating from the crockpot made me nauseated.

I didn’t change anything with this recipe 🙂

Gnocchi, Spinach, & Sausage Soup:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am not the best with adjectives, so I use exclamation points to get my point across 🙂

This is such a great soup!  I changed very little of this recipe; basically I added extra peppers, spinach and sausage.  When it comes to soup and casseroles, I rarely pay attention to amounts and add everything to my liking.  I also didn’t add the Half-and-Half, I didn’t think it was necessary… leaving out the cream made it a broth soup rather than a creamy soup.

BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup:

I pretty much stuck to the recipe on this one.  I believe I added some extra BBQ sauce, I didn’t think 1/2 C. was enough, but that’s just me 🙂   It really just tastes just like BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Baked Pasta with Spinach & Ricotta:

Another winner!!!!  I added cooked sausage to the pasta sauce to add a meat to this meal.  I unfortunately forgot parmesan cheese at the store, so my ricotta mixture didn’t have any; it tasted fine without it but I think for next time I’ll make sure I get it.

Apple Toffee Blondies:

Saved the best for last…  no seriously!!!  These never actually made it to its intended destinations, TWICE 🙂  About a month ago, when it was starting to become fall I decided to do a bit a baking.  I tested this (just a little corner piece) to make sure it was ok to take to work, and half a pan later realized it was staying home 🙂  I made it again, knowing how good it was, thinking I’d take it to work, and once again my family and I consumed it before the weekend was over 🙂

The only thing I changed was the amount of apples, I didn’t think 1 apple was enough… so I went with 2.  I also made the mistake of grabbing the Health candy bar bits with chocolate; I didn’t realize they made just toffee bits…  they tasted really good so I didn’t think anything of it until I saw them at Target 🙂  Next time I’ll make them with the toffee bits instead of the candy bar bits.


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