What Happens in Vegas…

…is a blog post online (for all to see!)  🙂

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!!!!!!

I can’t believe we’ve been married for 6 years already!  Time really goes by way too fast!  I always imagined what my life would be like after getting married.  House and Kids… isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? 🙂  We have neither, but we have each other and we’ve been through a lot together, which I wouldn’t have any other way!

Anyway, getting back to Vegas….  We decided it was time for a little get away.  We hardly ever see each other since Matt works in another state during the week, works every other weekend and then home either part or all of a weekend.  So needless to say we needed some time together.

We left early on a Thursday and arrived in Vegas around 11 am, luckily we were able to check-in right away at our hotel, Treasure Island.  After getting settled, we set off to explore The Strip.

We looked at all the different hotels, enjoyed the sunshine on our walk and then went to Madame Tussaude’s Wax Museum.  I’m amazed at the artwork and detail involved in making the wax sculptures!  However, everytime I think of wax museums I always think of that wonderful scary movie House of Wax, thinking they are going to start blinking and come to life 🙂  Anyway, we met lots of celebrities and had a good time!

And being the old people we are, we went to bed at 8pm 😉  No, seriously….  but in our defense it was 10pm our time and we had been up since 2am.


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