Memorial Weekend Fun

We were blessed to be able to spend some of the Memorial Weekend holiday with my family (and extended family/friends).  I’ve mentioned before that we have some really good family friends that we often spend holidays with, Memorial Weekend being one of the many 🙂

We drove up Friday after work and got to the Lake around 9:30, I unpacked all the food and then hit the hay…  I was tired and needed to get up in the morning for a run.  Around 7:30 I was ready for my run.

Memorial Weekend is always hit or miss when it comes to weather.  And lately MN/WI hasn’t had the greatest track record for the season, I mean we had a blizzard the beginning of May for goodness sakes.  However, it was shaping up to be a pretty good day, and I wasn’t prepared at how nice it was actually going to be on my run.  I’m the worst judge of how warm it is or going to be once I start running… I wore my capris and a long-sleeve running shirt; probably could have gone with a t-shirt….  Oh well!

My plan was to do an 8ish mile loop, doing 7:1s (run 7 min, walk 1 min).  The area around where the lake house is, is really gorgeous.  Very scenic and full of nature!  It was so surreal to be out on the open road with just the noises of nature (and a few passing cars).  It was very refreshing to not have the noises/smells of the city in the or seeing the litter on the side of the road.  However, in the back of my mind I kept thinking “What do I do if I see a bear?”  Luckily, the only creatures I saw were birds and the poor road-killed turtle 😦  Last year, I did see a fox on my run which was pretty cool!

Later in the day everyone had finally arrived and we decided to head over to Stone Lake, WI and visit School House Wines.  This is the cutest little wine shop, that we often visit when at the lake!  It has a wide variety of wines at affordable prices.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and we were able to sit out on the patio and enjoy a few cocktails/wines/spirits 🙂


5 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend Fun

  1. I absolutely adore Runner’s World’s “What To Wear Tool” when trying to figure out what to wear for a run. You plug in weather conditions, what type of run you’re doing, and whether you like to be cool, in-between, or warm, and it tells you what to put on. It has been right every.single.time I’ve used it. And the times I didn’t do what it said, I regretted it!

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