Mother’s Day

As much as I hate winter, and the fact that we had a snow storm on May 2 which means winter lasted 6 months, I am happy to be back home.  I keep realizing things that I have missed and am glad I don’t have to continue to miss.  One of the most important things in life is family and I am so blessed to be able to spend more time with everyone!

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my Grandma came for a visit!  It was so nice to have 3 generations spending time with each other and getting to celebrate the wonderful women that are in my life!



We started Mother’s Day off with church.  My sister and I then went on a run, and we had a great brunch afterwards.  In the afternoon, we headed over to Canvas and Chardonnay.

What is Canvas & Chardonnay, you might ask??  It’s the combination of drinking and painting! 🙂   Drinking isn’t mandatory, but you sure can if you want… 🙂

I had heard about it on Facebook, and kept thinking it sounded like fun, but a little intimidating since I’m not super artistic.  When I found out my sister had signed us all up, I was pretty excited but a little reserved due to my insecurities.

However, when we got there, the owners really made us all feel super welcome and comfortable.  They were great encouraging us and willing to help out in a non-judgemental way, letting us paint and throw our own personalities into it!  They did step-by-step instructions and made it incredibly easy to follow along.

We had a really great time and can’t wait to do it again!!  If you have something like this in your town or live in Rochester, MN, I definitely recommend it.  It was a wonderful experience and I had a blast!


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