Disney World Marathon (Part 1)

I was pretty pumped from the previous day at Disney World; getting to go on rides and taking pictures with characters.  I had my costume, and I was ready!!!!!

Remember that Disney World commercial from quite a few years ago, those kids were trying to sleep but they were too excited to sleep… yea that was me the night before the race!  Even though I couldn’t sleep I somehow I felt rested when I woke up at 2am to get ready and get to the bus at a decent time.

I sat next to a nice young man (I say that like I’m 60.. 🙂 ) on the bus ride and we had a nice chat about running and our uncertainty about the race.  On the walk to the prerace festivities I met some fellow Minnies, who were super friendly and encouraging!!


The prerace festivies were in full effect when I got there!!!  Pumping music, tons of people and some photo opporutnities. Great way to get yourself excited to run a marathon!!!!!



Finally there were announcements letting us know it was time to start making our way to our corrals!  Picture thousands of people being herded to a specific area… thankfully there was a speical someone encouraging us along the way!


Another port-a-potty stop and I was ready to get into my corral!!!  My nerves were out in full by this point, I was so nervous!  As I was waiting at the front of my corral, I just kept thinking, ‘I don’t think I can do this!’  I had to tell myself, ‘Finishing is all that matters, you trained hard and are pretty ready for what’s about to happen.’

Corral A & B had left and we were next, as I walked with the rest of Corral C to the start line, I was eager to start, I was pumped and ready!  I saw the race people counting down, 10, 9, (holy crap), 8, 7, 6, (I think I need to pee again), 5, 4, 3 (Is it too late to not do this?), 2, 1 Fireworks and Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, that settled it, I was off!

I felt really good, and had to remind myself to keep a nice pace cause I had a long way to go 🙂  A few miles down the road & on the way to the Magic Kingdom, I met some pirates & a few characters from the Nightmare before Christmas



I love the run from the Magic Kingdom entrance into the park!  There’s such anticipation winding through the parking lots and past the shuttle bus stops; there’s so many people along the way to cheer you on plus being able to see Space Mountain and Cinderella’s castle off in the distance just makes you want to get there faster!!!  When you enter the park; you enter from the side, you can hear the cheering but can’t see anything til you round that corner and see tons of cheering people and then THE CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There’s so many characters in the Magic Kingdom!

IMG_2680ml IMG_2682ml 725967-1006-0037sml


Love seeing Mickey & Minnie at the Castle!!!  Once you run through the castle there’s even more people to cheer you on; it’s so exciting!  And if you’re lucky the Disney cameras might capture a great photo of you coming out of the castle!!!


There were a few more friendly characters to see before heading towards the Disney Race Track.

IMG_2685ml IMG_2687ml IMG_2688ml 725971-1009-0013sml

The Race Track was filled (FILLED) with antique and classic cars!  I’m not a huge car person, but it was still pretty cool to see all those cars lined up on the track, including this gem:


It was off to the Animal Kingdom!  By this point the sun was up, but I was surprised to notice that the route was shaded and felt pretty cool!  The breeze was nice and I was still feeling good!  I couldn’t believe how many characters were out to support all of us runners!

725982-1017-0050s 725979-1014-0018s IMG_2698ml IMG_2697ml IMG_2695

The Animal Kindgom was only the halfway point…  Not going to lie, I was wishing I would have just done the 1/2 marathon.  I was starting to get really hungry and tired; thankfully there were bananas ahead and so I kept going….


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