Disney Marathon: What Was I Thinking?!?! (Part 2)

Where was Fat Amy when I decided to sign up for a marathon?!?!

I could have said, “I think I’d like to try a marathon.”

and she’d say:

fat amy

This is what I was thinking at about mile 17!  Seriously, who the hell let me sign up for a marathon!

It was starting to get super hot and my legs were starting to cramp, but I kept going.  I just wanted to get to the Magical 20 mile I had kept hearing about, from there I didn’t really care how well I did!

The Wide World of Sports complex was next.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this area cause there were tons of turns just to try and make add miles into the course.  I called Matt around mile 18 to let him know I wasn’t doing very well, I felt like I was letting him down cause I was hurting.  I kept apologizing because I knew he would be waiting a while for me at the finish… A few stops to stretch and more walking added into my run/walk when finally there was the Magic 20 mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_2704ml IMG_2703ml IMG_2705ml

I was hurting pretty bad by this point…  I was just trying to get from one mile to the next, one step at a time.  Hollywood Studios was next on the path to the finish!  The park was open by this time and a part of me wanted to run just so the people watching would think better of me (how vain!).  But then I realized I didn’t care and continued walking, with a few stops for more character pics!

IMG_2708ml 725990-1020-0021sml 725991-1014-0016sml IMG_2707ml

Leaving Hollywood Studios, I knew the end was near… Unfortunately it felt a little farther than the 2 miles it actually was.  To be honest, continuing on the course and hearing people cheering you on, giving you hope started to overwhelm me and I was almost to tears cause I was tired, hot, my legs hurt and I just wanted to be done.  Plus, my mp3 player and Nike watch died….

Epcot, I’m here!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally!!!!!!!!!  As much as I wanted to finish I still wanted to make sure I made the most of my experience and continue to get those pictures!

IMG_2711ml 725998-1021-0025sml 725999-1017-0045sml

Almost there, I think I can, I think I can… just a little further!  And finish line!

725175-1103-0034sCan you tell how excited I am to be done?  That might be pain, & excitement you see in my eyes 🙂  Finish line along with that medal really made me happy to be done!


You can’t beat all those memories!!!!!!!!!!

When I signed up for the Disney World Marathon in April of last year I thought it was a really good idea 🙂  I figured it was the 20th Anniversary of the marathon so why not?  I thought if I was ever going to run a marathon, Disney was the way to do it!

I was both right and wrong 🙂  I love the Disney runs, they are really fun and enjoyable.  But on the other hand, 26.2 miles is really far and a long time to run.

When I started training I felt it was going really well.  But then the move from FL to MN plus being sick with a bad cold for a good 2 weeks in November really threw off my training.  However, I was still able to get in 20 miles before the race.  So I thought I would do fairly well…

Everyone kept telling me, “If you can run 20 miles, you can run 26.2; the adrenaline will get you the rest of the way” or “You can train on a treadmill as long as you increase your incline between 1.5 & 2.5.”  They are liars!!!  No, you can’t fully train on a treadmill cause it doesn’t prepare you for what you might encounter on the road.  And no, you can’t run 26.2 if you’ve ran at least 20 cause guess what, my adrenaline ran out halfway through.

The experience of running a Disney race is completely worth it in the end.  Even though my legs were cramping really bad by mile 20, I had to walk the last 6 miles and the sun was beating down on me, being able to say ‘I did it!” was all that mattered in the end.

Thanks Disney 🙂


5 thoughts on “Disney Marathon: What Was I Thinking?!?! (Part 2)

  1. Great job. I love how no matter what is going on in your brain, legs and body you have the best smile ever in every picture. What an accomplishment!! Way to go!

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