Disney Marathon: Costumes Welcome!

Everything is more fun with a theme or when there’s an opportunity to dress-up!  The Disney runs are perfect if you aren’t too serious about running and want to enjoy yourself!

**even though I say Disney runs are fun and not too serious, if you do decide to do one (or any race for that matter) make sure you are still a smart runner and respectful of others when running!**

When I signed up for the Disney Marathon, I was super excited to start planning my costume!!!!!  I didn’t know what to be 🙂  I wanted something cute and runner friendly.  I was really surprised to see many runners at these events in full Halloween type costumes and that just didn’t seem practical for me.  Not only did I want something runner friendly but I also wanted it to look like the character.

My decision was between Snow White & Minnie Mouse.  For some reason I have always wanted to be them for Halloween, and for some reason I never have…  Now was my chance 🙂

When we moved back home and into my parent’s basement, my mom wanted to go through her storage boxes to make some room for our stuff.  She wanted another opinion on what she needed to keep and what could be thrown.  So we started with the Halloween/Dance Costume boxes!  She had 3 or 4 boxes dedicated to costumes 🙂  My mom has kept all of our old Halloween and all my dance recital outfits from back in the day!!!!  Well, good thing she did cause this dance costume was there:

**all I could find was a scrapbook page 🙂


As you can see it’s perfect for Minnie!  I didn’t want to try and run in the top so I opted for a Sports Bra Tank from Target.  The skirt has built in undies, but I still wanted to wear running pants under, and once I heard it was supposed to be super hot I decided on my Nike running shorts rather than my capris 🙂

My mom helped to make a few adjustments to my skirt!!  She’s awesome and can make pretty much anything!  She added a pocket in the back for my phone and room key, and then added a little tuelle to make the skirt a little more full.

For the ears, we just used black elastic, felt and a bow!

What do you think?



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