Disney World: Single Rider

I went to Disney World alone over the Disney Marathon Weekend, while Matt went to Gainesville to visit family and friends.  I had already paid for the hotel and have a Disney Yearly pass so I figured I might as well use them 🙂  When I told people I was going alone they looked at me with a sad expression, like they felt sorry for me.  No need for that!

Last time Matt and I went together he didn’t want to do any of the kid stuff, which it’s all kid stuff (it’s Disney)! 🙂  This time I had the freedom to go where I wanted, if I saw a character and wanted to take a picture with them I could!  It was pretty awesome!  Plus since it was marathon weekend, there were lots of friends to be made and running stories to share!

I saw a ton of characters, it must have been my lucky day cause there were hardly any lines for any of them!  People probably thought I was a little weird cause I’m older and at Disney by myself and taking pictures with characters… Oh well, it was fun!

I had a blast and going to all the parks and seeing the characters really made me even more excited about the Disney Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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