Freezer Meals for Matt: Chicken Sausage & Pepper Pasta

I had this entire week of Christmas off, so I decided to stock up on freezer meals for Matt.  I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to freezer meals for the hubs 🙂  So, Christmas night before he had to leave for WI, I sat him down with Pinterest and told him to look through the board and pick out stuff he’d like me to make next.  He chose  Chicken Sausage & Pepper Pasta, Bruschetta Chicken Bake, & Shredded Buffalo Chicken.

Both the Pasta & Chicken Bake I found on Kraft.  Kraft has some really good & easy recipes!  I used to go on their website all the time, until Pinterest came along…  but every once in a while I head over there to find some quick & easy meals!

Here’s the original recipe for the pasta dish and here’s what I did:

5 Chicken Sausage; cooked and sliced

1 each red, yellow & green pepper; sliced & sautéed

1 box (8 oz.) Penne Pasta; cooked & drained

2 cans (14 oz) Diced Tomatoes (I used Garlic & Onion, but you can choose), undrained

1 c. Shredded Parmesan/Asiago/Romano cheese blend

1-2 tsp. Italian Seasoning


Freezer: Mix everything together in a bowl until combined, place in freezer safe containers & freeze.  When ready to eat, thaw & move on to…

Ready to Eat: Prepare a baking dish & preheat oven to 350*.  Place pasta in dish, spinkle with cheese (if you want) & bake for 20-25 min.  Or, you can just microwave… 🙂

**I was able to fill 6-8 tupperware (I get the Gladware… I think it’s the 2nd smallest rectangle… 🙂 ).



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