These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Part 3

You are probably thinking, ‘How is there a Part 3?’  Sadly, there were a lot of things I didn’t realize I missed when we were in FL.  You don’t tend to miss things until they aren’t around anymore or until you come back and realize how much you liked something!!

–MN Renaissance Festival: If you’ve been to a Renaissance Festival (a true Renaissance Festival and enjoyed it), you know how awesome they are!!!!!  My family (my parents, sister/husband, Matt and I), have been going every year for a few years now (and of course we didn’t get to go this year… 😦 ).  Matt and I did find a Renaissance Festival in Gainesville, FL, but it was a joke and super disappointing which makes me even more excited to be back in MN (even though we have to wait til August for the next one)!!!! 🙂

–Mall of America & IKEA: I don’t know why, but I really enjoy going to the MOA.  Whenever I go, I usually shop at all the stores we have here in Rochester, so why I even go I’m not sure… 🙂  One thing I do really like is walking around all the floors, people watching and the opportunity to go to stores I don’t normally shop at.  As for IKEA, it’s right across the street from the MOA and it’s so fun to walk around!!!  So much to see and look at, especially around Christmas time!!!!!  If you’ve never been to either, put it on your bucket list, they are just one of those things you see! 🙂

–Running in MN: When I was home in June & August, I went on a few runs around Rochester.  They have such a great trail system!!!!  I can run from my parents house to downtown, around Silver Lake, past the Apache Mall, and further!  Everything is connected and there are so many options!!!  Then I went back to FL and realized how few options there are, add in humidity and you have a recipe for horrible running conditions.  So you can understand that I was looking forward to moving home and having a lot of running options.  However, it’s cold here… and running in winter isn’t the most fun either… but I think I’d rather have from February/March til October/November in MN to run outside than October/November til March.

I’m also looking for MN or Midwest races to do so if you know of any good ones, let me know!!!! 🙂

–Meet all the new babies:  Everyone has had a baby or 2, and I haven’t met any of them so I’m pretty excited to be able to meet all these new additions!!!!

–More Food Places:

*Erberts & Gerbers

*Cherry Berry


–Winter: As much as I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like to drive in the snow, I’m kind of looking forward to winter.  Mainly because I can listen to Christmas music or drink Hot Chocolate without it being weird cause it’s 75* outside and doesn’t feel like Christmas! 🙂

–MN Nice: Lots of people think ‘MN nice’ or ‘Midwest nice’ is just one of those things people say.  But for the most part it’s fairly true; I’ve noticed a difference in work ethic, customer service and people in general while living in FL.  I’m not saying people down South aren’t nice, I’m just saying people in MN are a little nicer 🙂

–Friends and Family: It’s so funny how moving far from home for 1 1/2 years makes you realize you actually want to be close to your friends and family.  Matt and I were really excited about a life on the road living in different cities and states and traveling.  It was fun while it lasted but it made us realize that we love our friends and family and don’t want to be away from them.  I hated missing out on the little things and especially the big things!  It’s good to be back in MN!!! 🙂


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