These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Part 2

Sadly a lot of things I was looking forward to were food items or places to eat…  There are so many things that are in MN and not in FL!!!!  Don’t worry, the whole list isn’t food, a vast majority, but not all…

–Papa Murphy’s Pizza: There’s a Chicken Garlic pizza that is sooooo good, Matt and I love it!!!!  There was a Papa Murphy’s in FL but it was 45 min away…  as much as I love Papa Murphy’s I wasn’t going to drive 45 min. for a take-n-bake pizza.

–Noodles & Co.: When we were living in Mankato, MN there was a Noodles right by our apartment and across the street from campus, so I was there often.  I fell in love with Noodles!  I usually get the same thing every time, Mediterranean Salad with Shrimp… sometimes a roll, and a cookie (Snickerdoodle)!  Every once in a while I would mix things up and do the WI Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Shrimp…  The closest Noodles was in NC… 😦

–Helping my Dad with Photo Sessions: My dad has always been really into photography and a few years ago he decided to make it official and become a professional photographer.  He and my mom have a business called Kynn Schulz Photography (  Whenever I’ve been home and my parents have had a photo session or wedding shoot, I got to help.  It’s always super fun for me to help out and get a little creative 🙂  My dad has really evolved since he first started and he does some really great work (I’m a little biased cause he’s my dad, but seriously he does a great job)!!!!!  If you are in MN and need a photographer for Family/Senior/Baby/Maternity/Wedding pics, contact my dad!!!
**which leads me to my next thing…
–Have my Dad Take Our Christmas Card Pictures: I don’t know why but I love putting together a Christmas Card!! 🙂  We don’t have kids, just have our little Melvin so usually our Christmas Card consists of a bunch of pictures of just us 🙂  I didn’t realize we didn’t have a good picture for our Christmas Card until we decided to move home and realized Dad could take our picture for the card!  Last weekend we went out and did our pictures (it was super cold, Matt and Melvin were troopers!). Here’s a little preview (I don’t want to ruin the surprise for our friends and family since our card hasn’t gone out yet, I know everyone is just dying to see our card this year 😉 ):

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