A Month Without…

How would we find new ideas without PINTEREST???!!!??   Seriously though, even though I spend a ton of time on pinterest, I feel like it’s a time saver because all the ideas are in one place…

Anyway, I found a great idea for health and fitness while pinteresting (verb: to pinterest 🙂 ).


This is one of those things that can be changed to fit your lifestyle…

**I couldn’t find an actual link, I only found the picture itself so I don’t know what the ‘rules’ are for this…

Personally, I think it’s a great way to limit yourself each month and breaking yourself of unhealthy habits!  I don’t know if it’s a continuation into each month, for example cutting out alcohol in every month from November on or just November; like I said I didn’t find any rules to this.  You could really make it as you wish, to fit you!   If you didn’t want to do a whole month at a time, you could maybe do 2 weeks at a time.  Or maybe add things to your diet, like doing a month of adding vegetables or fruit to every meal if you have trouble eating those kinds of foods.  I think there are multiple possibilities 🙂

You might not even miss these things once they are out of your diet for a month and it could be a great way to get into healthy eating, without taking away all good things!

What would your months look like?  Is there a month you would have the hardest time doing?

I would probably stick to the schedule except for February… Maybe a low-carb month or no chips…  I might switch June to December, that would probably be best to start watch portions before taking away foods you enjoy.,. 🙂 I would  definitely have the hardest time with May and January!  I love my sweets! 🙂


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