No Place Like Home: Part 2

So after the ridiculous day of cleaning and packing, things could only get better, Right? 🙂

I was off to Tallahassee to have breakfast with my Godmother before my long journey began.   2ish hours & 2 mixed CDs later I was at my Godmothers!  We had a quick breakfast, chatted, and figured out a good route to take before I headed back on the road again.

Can I just say, thank goodness for smartphones!!?!?  I got a little lost but good thing I had my phone cause it made sure I got to the right roads! 🙂

In a couple hours time I had driven through FL, GA (where I saw quite a few cotton fields, really wish I would have stopped to take pictures), & started in AL… and I had listened to all of my mixed CDs twice, apparently 3 mixed CDs aren’t enough for a 21ish hour car trip!  I had thought about getting a few books on tape (I know they are audio books but I can’t get away from saying books on tape 🙂 ), but I figured a few mixed CDs would be good enough.  There’s nothing better than a road trip and a concert in your car (and might I add, I some really good auditions for American Idol during my road trip).  Anyway, I decided to keep a lookout for a Barnes & Noble, there had to be one somewhere!

Alabama was the place… or so I thought.  I was so excited when I saw the sign, it’s probably how people feel when they see Heaven’s Gates 😉  I drove up to Barnes and Noble checked to see what time they opened, checked the clock on my car and they matched so I prepared myself to go inside… Until I looked at my phone… I guess somewhere between FL and AL time changes and I lost an hour, Barnes & Noble wasn’t open after all. A few tears were shed, and then I saw Target!  Target had everything, they had to have books on tape… No, no they don’t.

Well, enough time had been wasted on my quest for a book on tape, I decided to keep driving and just keep a look out for another B&N.

On my drive, I couldn’t believe how pretty everything was!  The fall colors were so vibrant, I was a little in awe of the hills, colors, trees and beauty of it all.  The Dept of Transportation should really add turn offs to highways and roads so you can stop and take pictures of everything!

I figured Birmingham, AL was a great place to find a B&N, so I called my mom and asked her to get directions for the nearest B&N from where I was…  she texted me…  not very helpful considering I was driving and I don’t text and drive!  Well, I figured I could just keep my eye out for a mall…  Why does no place except Rochester, MN have Attractions: Malls on the coming exit signs.  Every place I drove through only told me about food, gas and lodging!!!!!

I pretty much gave up on trying to find a B&N for the rest of the day and just kept driving.  I went through AL, TN & into IL; I was very tempted to stop at a few museums on the way…  National Quilting Museum, Guns of the 1920s (I believe there were quite a few others, but can’t seem to remember them…)

A part of me really wanted to keep driving, I honestly wasn’t tired but figured to keep driving on only a few hours of sleep wasn’t smart, so I stopped in IL for the night… hoping no one would steal anything from my car (seeing as how it was completely filled to the brim 😉 ).


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