No Place Like Home: Part 1

I have to apologize (to my 20 followers 😉 ) for not posting anything in a while, it’s been a pretty crazy couple of months.

If you read my last post, you know that Matt lost his job in FL at the end of September and we decided to move to MN.  We had been thinking about moving home to MN after the FL job was finished because even though we were loving life with just the two of us, life wasn’t fully complete without our family and friends back home.  I realized how much we were missing out on, a lot of it was little things, like movies/dinner/game nights/baby or wedding showers/cabin weekends with family or friends.

So in a few days time, Matt packed up all our stuff in a U-haul (leaving me a bed & clothes) and drove back home.  I stayed in FL to finish out a few weeks of work before heading back to MN.  I started a list of things I was looking forward to once I was back home to count down the days til I was home (which I’ll share with you in another post).

Life was looking up when Matt received a job offer and I had a job prospect waiting for me back home.  Late in October, it was time for me to go home!

When Matt left I thought he took pretty much everything, and I just had a few things to pack into my car….  Boy was I wrong!!!!!  My goal was to pack up the car quick in the morning, clean the apartment and then drive to my Godmothers house for the night before heading to MN.  Ugh, I packed and repacked my car countless times trying to fit everything into my Toyota Corolla.  It took me 4 hours to realize everything wasn’t going to fit…  What does a girl do when she doesn’t know what to do?  She calls her mom 🙂

My mom decided it was best if I just shipped a few things home.  1 trip to Target, 2 trips to the post office & 4 boxes of stuff was the magic number to get everything to fit in my car! 🙂  After I was able to get everything packed (& 8 hours behind schedule) it was time to deep clean the apartment…  I was finally done cleaning the apartment at 9:30pm, I was so tired!! 😦  My whole body hurt from walking up and down our apartment stairs carrying boxes, loading and unloading my car numerous times, carrying 4 boxes into the post office (might I add that no one asked if I need help carrying them), and cleaning for 5 hours.  I was so ready for bed, until I realized I had to blow-up my bed (again, I deflated it that morning since I hadn’t planned on staying another night)…  It was an air mattress that you had to blow-up by hand… I cried a little 😦

After my bed was ready, I finally got into bed at 10:30ish (after making myself a few mixed CDs)… but of course I couldn’t sleep, you know those nights when you continually look at the clock every hour, yeah it was one of those kind of nights.  So finally at 2:30am I gave up sleeping and tried showering without a shower curtain 🙂  I packed up my remaining belongings and headed to my Godmothers.


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