Rolo Cake Mix Bars–Finally Something I Baked the Hubs Liked!!!

Ok, so I really enjoy baking and finding new things to try.  I rarely make the same thing more than twice; except for the Oreo Balls… but those are fabulous and kind of my thing so those are the exception.

Anyway, my husband is always complaining that I don’t bake him anything…  It’s true, I don’t bake him a whole lot because:

1. He isn’t a huge sweets person, therefore it could be sitting around the house for multiple weeks before he gets to it, and I just end up eating it.

2. He wants plain…  Plain brownies, plain cookies, plain cake!!!!  Agh, I don’t really do plain.   If he wants plain he can grab a box of brownies at the store and add water…  (I’m harsh I know).

3. Last time I made something he wanted me to make he said, “This isn’t the way my mom makes it”.

So, can you really blame me for not making him anything very often?? 🙂

Moving on…  I found this little gem on pinterest!!!

Matt loves Rolos and it’s different… perfect compromise!!!  I was a little hesitant to try it because I scrolled down to read the comments…  A lot of people were complaining that the dough was too runny and it didn’t set well.  But since it was literally 4 ingredients how can you really mess that up, so I decided to try it out:)

Thank God I did!!!!  Can we say Rolo-iffic, Rolo-tastic? Rolonderful?  Get it?? 🙂  Sorry, I’ve been sick for a week now and my head is still a little foggy 🙂

I made a few tiny adjustments based on the reviews and comments but I didn’t change the recipe itself. Here are my suggestions:

**Make sure you do use the 18.25 oz. cake mix, I can see where it would be too runny if you just grabbed any box.  I used Pillsbury Moist Supreme Yellow Cake Mix.

**I put mine into an 8×8 to make thicker bars…  They would have extremely thin if I would have used a 9×13.  But it’s your preference, I’m sure either one would be fine.

**Because I used an 8×8 pan, I only needed about 1/2 the bag of Rolos.  I quartered some leftover Rolos (that Matt didn’t eat) and sprinkled them on top and threw it back in the oven for a few min for them to melt.  One comment I read stated she used the mini Rolos therefore she didn’t have to unwrap or cut in half…. Genius!!!!

**Variations: use different cake mixes and different candy.  Let me tell you I’m notorious for finding recipes and trying out every variation I can think of!!!!  I’m really excited to experiment with this one!!!! 🙂  I’ll let you know what I come up with:)


One thought on “Rolo Cake Mix Bars–Finally Something I Baked the Hubs Liked!!!

  1. So happy you finally found something Matt likes! I don’t know how I ended up with two son-in-laws that aren’t partial to sweets!!

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