Superhero Scramble

Mud + Slime + 4 Miles + 25 Obstacles = SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE

A few months ago Matt and I started on our journey to health and fitness.  I signed up for a few 1/2 marathons and decided Matt needed a little push:)  I signed him & myself up for the Tower of Terror 10 miler at Disney World in Sept.  He in turn decided that I should do a race he wanted to do; isn’t that what marriage is all about? Compromise and engaging in each other’s interests:)  However, his race was something that seemed completely out of my league, sure it was a running race but the mud, slime, obstacles are not my thing.  If you know me, I am not a fan of getting dirty and I think most things are unsafe.

I decided to be a good wife and give in to his request of doing this race together.  We found a few other victims, I mean friends from work, and that was that.  However, I’m a planner and I like to be prepared so I researched the website and looked up the obstacles.  WORST IDEA EVER!!  I freaked myself out even more… 🙂

After I got over the initial shock of the incredibly unsafe and germ infested obstacles that I would encounter, I decided to have a little fun with it!!  And what’s a themed race without COSTUMES?!?!!

I love a good opportunity to dress-up (my favorite holiday is Halloween).  So I set out to find a good (but practical costume).  I have always wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, however, I have never found a good costume and I don’t have the upper chest area to pull it off…  Anyway, here’s what I found:

Glitter headband from Bling-it-on (in gold 3/4″ thick):

Top from Nike (NIKE G87 KNIT Women’s Training Tank Top):,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-599163/pgid-581635

**such a comfortable tank top!!!  it’s perfect for running, light weight, soft, bigger arm holes which makes for less chafing.  I bought a few more the other day:)

Shorts from All Volleyball:

Iron-on Patches from

Now that I had my super cute outfit I was getting a little more excited for the race:)  Doesn’t a good outfit always make the difference?  🙂


Matt and I set out to Waldo, Fl (about 25 miles outside Gainesville) and met up with the rest of our group!  Of course we had to take before pictures!!!

We made our way over to the festivities!  There were lots of people in costumes:)  It was very fun to see what people came up with!  There were superheros everywhere, some a little more fit than others;) but it’s all fun for most!  And on the other hand there were the super serious obstacle racers…  Holy Muscles & No Body Fat Batman!!!!  Goodness, these people looked like they had never seen french fries or cake!  It was a little intimidating, but at the same time I knew I wasn’t there to win… I was there to finish and not die;)

We were the second batch to go!  The announcer started us off with a ‘I Say Super, You Say Hero’, Super! Hero! Super! Hero!  What a send off!!!  It gets you pretty pumped!!! 🙂

And we were off!!  The course was gravel, sand, dirt, wooded, & grassy with the following obstacles:

MUD:  right off the bat we were running through about a foot of mud for a good 20 ft.  Squishy, slimy… almost sucked the shoes right off me, but good thing I double tied my shoes;)

TIRES:it was pyramid of tires that we had to crawl up and over to get to continue running.

WALL CLIMB: 4 walls about 4 feet high to jump/climb over, then the last one was 8 ft high…  Matt had to boost me over and then I had to try to lower myself down to the ground!

DIRT CLIMB: it was an 8 ft mound of dirt and on the other side was a pool of muddy water, and then you had to use a rope and climb up another 8 ft mound of dirt to get out. 

SANDBAGS: after running a good 1/2  mile  (from the dirt climb) we got to a loop where we had to carry a heavy sandbag around the loop and drop it off on the other side… ugh! so heavy!!! 

ROPE OBSTACLE: this one was just a bunch of ropes that were crisscrossed between trees that we had to maneuver around….  not all that exciting…

WATER TUNNEL: walking through a tunnel of muddy water…

FIRE PIT:  I decided by this point they were trying to torture us…  granted it was only 1 fire pit we had to jump over but still there was a very good chance I wouldn’t get my timing right…  I gathered up all my memories of high jump from middle school and went for it!  It was hot but I jumped over it!! 

MONKEY BARS: as if running through fire wasn’t bad enough, we had to do the monkey bars, over a pool of water at an incline going UP!!!  Monkey bars are difficult enough on the playground, but an incline going up is a little more difficult… I did a few bars and then gave up…  oh well, on to the next one!

WATER DIVE: I’m pretty sure they decided to go with the easy ones first and then just impale you with the horrible ones!  We had to jump off a ‘diving’ board about 20 ft high, into 12 ft of water!! It really didn’t look too high until I got on that board and looked down!!!!  Matt just jumped right in… I however, freaked!!!  It looked scary, but there really wasn’t any other options so I just went for it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (it seriously felt like that long until I landed in water 🙂 ).  Now that I was soaked it was onto the next obstacle!

ICE BATH: exactly how it sounds….  ice-cold water up to my armpits… SO COLD!!!!!!!!  nice and refreshing on a very hot day, but a shock to the system!!!  It was so hard to run after that ice bath… but we were only about halfway done:)

MUD CRAWL: again, exactly how it sounds….

CABLE WALK: 2 cables suspended above and through a pond, we had to walk across the pond using the cables to hold on to and walk on… circus tightrope came to mind!!

BARBED WIRE CRAWL: mud and water, swimming/crawling under barbed wire, then we had to crawl over a giant mound of mud…

ROCK CLIMB: just like a rock climbing wall!

NET CLIMB: probably the worst one!!!  it was a roped net that scaled up about 20 ft, and then over 10 ft, and then down again!!!  Well, by this point there was no going back…. and I wasn’t about to quit now:)  So up, over and down I went…  hard work but I did it!!!!!! 🙂

SWIM:you remember that pond we had to cable walk across?  well, we had to swim back across…  shoes really weigh you down when trying to swim.  The water was really gross, I didn’t really notice when I was cable walking across, but when you’re shoulder deep in it… EW!!! 

LADDER CLIMB & HAY BALES: So in order to get across the road we had to climb up 2 flights of ladders… and when I say 2 flights, I mean like 40+ ft in the air!  Talk about not looking down!!!!  We had to climb up some ladders and then across and down about 6 stacks of Hay Bales! 

ROPE CLIMB & SLIDE: this one was probably the second worst obstacle.  We had to rope climb up a slippery inclined wall about 10+ feet.  This is where my dad’s voice popped into my head ‘this is why you do pull-ups’  He would always say that when we were watching a movie where the main character is hanging on for dear life and he says ‘and that’s why you do pull-ups’ and I’m always rolling my eyes and thinking ‘yeah, right, like I’d ever be in that situation…’  Well, I should have listened to my dad…  I did really well until the last 1 1/2 ft.  I was able to reach the top and then SLIP, thankfully there were volunteers helping us up and over!  It was a bit of a struggle but I made it:)  After the climb there was another little ladder climb and then a 40+ ft slide into a pool of slime!  Down I went, and plunged into a gooey mess of who-knows-what:) 

I really thought that was it… but then there were 2 burly men with those padded sheilds we had to run through in order to finish.  They must have sensed I wasn’t about to endure anymore and didn’t push too hard when I tried to run through them 🙂

FINISH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To my partipation medal, t-shirt and BEER!!!! 🙂  It was a blast!  As much as I was dreading this race and the obstacles, I really enjoyed myself:)  Matt really liked it and can’t wait to do another one!!!

Here are our after pics (unfortunately you can’t really see all the slime and mud but trust me it was there):

After the race, we went back to our place for a BBQ and pool time 🙂

**Once we get the link for the professional pictures I’ll post them, it didn’t even occur to me to bring a water-proof disposable camera with me… next time though:)

**I also realize that those obstacles don’t add up to 25… I’m not really sure what I missed… 🙂


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