Healthy Lifestyle: Revamped

A few months ago you might have read my posts about our ‘healthy new lifestyle’ using the cleanse diet.  If you kept reading you know we only got to days 2 and 3 😦

Since the failed cleanse we actually have been really good about eating healthy.  Each Sunday I go to the grocery store and get: bananas, peaches, rainer cherries, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes, watermelon, carrots, celery, peppers (red, green, yellow, orange), sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, salad and broccoli (I do want to add Kale to my diet so if anyone has good ideas about how to use it let me know!).  I wash and cut up everything as soon as I get home and put them in Tupperware containers.  I think doing that right away really helps; otherwise I get too lazy to cut stuff and then I don’t eat it.  We have lots of salads for supper with some kind of protein (chicken, ground turkey, tuna steaks, salmon, etc.).  I’ve also been eating mini Rice Cakes, they have so many flavors!!!!  I put portion sizes in individual snack baggies; it’s so much easier than eating out of the bag (cause sometimes you just keep eating and before you know it…. it’s gone!).  I would recommend that with anything you enjoy, put portions into Ziplock bags and eat just one bag so you know how much you are eating; it’s so easy to get carried away:)

We have also been doing protein shakes.  I bought a bunch of frozen bags of fruit and some non-frozen (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, bananas, mangos, peaches, kiwi, oranges, spinach) and divided them up into individual bags (about 1 c. fruit); all we have to do is grab a bag, add 1 c. water/milk and a scoop of protein powder, throw it in the blender and it’s ready!  Sometimes I’ll add peanut butter for added protein depending on the flavor, but they are super filling and I’m never hungry until it’s time for lunch.

We’ve both been working out really well.  I started working out in the mornings before work; I usually do an at home workout (I pick out one or two from my ‘at home workout’ pinboard on pinterest) and do that in the mornings and then go to the gym after work on days I need to run; saving my long runs for Sunday.

Matt has started INSANITY!  Really good workout, but it looks like pure torture (I was going to start it, I did day 1 and decided it wasn’t for me…)  He also goes to the gym to run and lift weights throughout the week.

So all in all, we have been doing really good.  We workout and eat healthy; sometimes we splurge and have pizza or I’ll eat a cookie but majority of the time it’s fruits, veggies & protein.  It’s not hard and it’s not rocket science.  I’m extremely proud of us and believe that most everyone is capable of exercising and eating a balanced diet.  It’s much easier to do when you have someone who is willing to go the distance with you.  I’m extremely lucky that Matt was willing (granted it took a little time 🙂 ) to do it as well.

I did sign Matt up for the Disney Tower of Terror 10 miler in Sept and in return he’s making me do the Superhero Scramble on Sat.  I don’t think I’ll survive this race…  😦 Check it out, and then write inspiring and encouraging comments to boost my self-confidence (please and thank you).   It looks fun (if you take away a few of the scary obstacles) and I have ordered my Wonder Woman gear for it, now I just have to run it, do the obstacles and not get hurt!  Wish me LUCK!! 🙂

Well, tune in Sunday(ish) when I give you a play-by-play of the whole ordeal:)


3 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle: Revamped

  1. I’ve been adding kale to my fruit smoothies. I also just saute it in evoo on the stove with a little salt and pepper.

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