Happy 4th of July!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend (a few weekends ago, since I’m a little behind… 😉 ).

If you read my preview post about the baby shower you know that I promised a tutorial on those Jello Cookies!!  I enjoyed them so much for the baby shower I decided to make some 4th of July themed cookies!!

Here’s the link that I used for the Jello Cookies: http://www.iheartnaptime.net/jello-cookies/

I did make slight changes to the recipe.  Depending on flavor I didn’t use all 4 boxes of Jello; plus I added food coloring for extra color.  I also added an extra tsp of baking powder which seemed to help keep them thicker and fluffier.  For some reason they didn’t all turn out nice and thick…  I am not a huge cookie person, they never turn out right:)  Oh well!  These are super easy and great for kids or themed parties where a pop of color is needed!!

**the blue cookies are made with blue raspberry and a whole lot of food coloring, the red is cherry & the white cookies are just plain sugar cookies, I used the same recipe just didn’t add Jello.  Also on the baby shower post, I used watermelon with a few drops of red to make a light pink, strawberry, & lemon**


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