Start of a Healthy Lifestyle: Day 3

Day 3 Here we go!!!  All by myself (I hope you sang that in your head, I cause I did while typing it 🙂  ).

I can’t believe Matt bailed on me… no one should have to do this diet alone, someone else should be miserable with you 🙂  We aren’t allowed to eat meals together for the rest of the week…

I am actually enjoying parts of this cleanse, just because of the fact it’s making me find new fruits and veggies.  For instance, where did sweet potatoes come from???  I had a baked Sweet Potato last night and it was GLORIOUS!!!!!  I’ve had sweet potato fries, which are fabulous, but you know fried food isn’t the same.  In this case YES it is!!!!  I now am going to add baked Sweet Potatoes to my diet (also going to head on over to pinterest and find a million recipes on how to cook them)!! 🙂  I have found so many new foods to incorporate into my diet that it will add so much more variety!!

I know you’re all excited to see what I get to eat today!!!! 🙂  Day 3 is Fruits AND Veggies all day!!!!!  Yea!!!!!  That’s a little sarcasm and little excitement!  I’m actually pretty glad fruits are back in the mix 🙂  It means I have more options, however it also means more ‘flushing’.  And please feel free to feel bad for me cause I work at a construction site which means PORT-A-POTTIES!!!!!!!!!  If you don’t like going #2 in public places or often this diet probably isn’t for you… (and don’t be all ‘gross, I can’t believe she’s freely talking about going #2’, cause I told you in my last post that I wasn’t going to hold anything back 😉 ).

What am I eating today?

Morning Snack: Giant Fruit Salad (Honeydew, Watermelon, Pineapple, Grapes, Cherries, Kiwi)

Lunch: Steamed Asparagus

How do I feel?

I’m hungry and crabby because I’m hungry and tired (well, that’s partially Melvin’s fault he refuses to sleep throughout the night… ps. for those of you who don’t know… Melvin’s a dog).  I’m also feeling a little stupid… my brain isn’t really working properly, even while typing this I have to continually backspace cause I’m not even typing close to the right word!  Not gonna lie… I might have to quit–I don’t like feeling like this.  Plus I don’t have enough energy to do my training for my marathon…

Well, the drive home confirmed that I QUIT!!!  Matt was hungry and decided McDonald’s was a good idea… I ate some of his french fries and decided I like to eat 🙂 Sorry… I just couldn’t do it anymore!  I’d much rather eat and have a good workout than starve and feel like crap.

So in conclusion, Worst Diet EVER!!!!  Probably one of the worst ideas I’ve had 🙂  Oh well, lessons learned!

Tomorrow it’s back to the gym as I continue with my marathon training and eat a balanced diet:)


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