Start of a Healthy Lifestyle: Day 2

**Disclaimer 🙂 before you venture further I’ll be telling you everything that goes along with this cleanse and I mean EVERYTHING… the good, the bad and the ugly

At the end of Day 1, Matt was not enjoying himself… He has decided it should be called ‘The Flush’ which is pretty much what it is and ‘cleanse’ is just a nice way of saying that 😉  He also stated we will be going out to eat on Monday next week when we are done…while using a few expletives to say how much he was enjoying the cleanse 🙂

I really enjoy fruit so Day 1 for me wasn’t a big deal, fruit has so much flavor, there’s so much to choose from and it helps I’m a sweets person.  Day 2 however, is a little harder…  Vegetables all Day!!!!!

I enjoy vegetables, not as much as fruit though.  Most of the time when I eat veggies it’s with dip (don’t worry, the ratio is way more veggie than dip just for added flavor) or in a salad with some chicken or shrimp or tuna.  How do you just eat vegetables??  What do you have for breakfast??

On the plus side; we get a potato for supper!!!!  🙂  I do not like white potatoes… I think my mom made us too many baked potatoes for dinner when I was younger, so I opted for a sweet potato.  We are allowed to use a little butter and seasoning for our veggies and potatoes today which is good cause I think it’s all too bland when it’s plain.

What am I eating today?

Breakfast: nothing….  I know, I know, you’re not supposed to skip meals especially breakfast, but I couldn’t think of anything good to have.  Nothing really sounded good 😦

Snack: Salad (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, celery, 1 TBSP Roasted Red Pepper Dressing)

Lunch: Steamed Asparagus (spray butter and seasoning)

Snack: Salad (I made a large salad and split it between my 2 snack times)

Supper: Baked Sweet Potato, Roasted Asparagus, Veggies (added butter and seasoning to my potato and asparagus and a little dip for my veggies)

5 or 6 L of water…. I lost count after a while, I just know it’s more than 4 🙂

How Do I Feel?

In the morning I was starving!!!!  But after an hour or so into work and 1 1/2 L of water later I really wasn’t all that hungry anymore; my morning snack was enough to get me through until lunch which by then I was pretty hungry.  After lunch I filled up a lot on water and I didn’t even eat the rest of my salad from my snack (Matt did, he was super hungry today).  I was very hungry, and tired by the end of the day so I’m glad we are putting the gym on hold until tomorrow.

THIS JUST IN!: Matt has decided to quit the cleanse….!!!!!!  He’s done!  I too am ready to quit but I just want to see what the rest of the week brings; kind of like a science experiment! Plus I don’t want to let all 5 of my readers down 😉  I did, however cheat… I had a POP!!!  I know, but after 6 L of water today, I’d like to drink something else.

And on that note, I by my lonesome will see you tomorrow on Day 3 🙂


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