The Start of a Healthy Lifestyle: Day 1

As most of you know I’ve started up running.  I did a few half marathons this year and have also signed up for more this fall and even a full marathon in Jan. 2013 (I need goals, otherwise I wouldn’t do it).  Luckily, Matt has also joined me in the running world basically because we both started noticing we were starting to let ourselves go (him more than me 😉 ) Therefore we decided it was time for a change; which meant more gym time and healthier eating.

I took a little break from running since my next big run isn’t until the end of Sept. and kept saying ‘tomorrow’.  Well, 2 months later I’m starting feel out-of-shape (plus Matt has been taking working out seriously and he’s looking better than me… 😦 ). I just feel better when I’m eating healthy and working out, so last week I started my training for my full marathon.

I started pinning a lot of healthy foods and at home exercises, and am on a roll!!  Therefore I decided to share our plans with you so we HAVE to do it and follow through 🙂

Today we are starting a 7-day cleanse that I got from this website:

The goal for most people doing this diet is to lose weight.  Matt would like to lose about 10 lbs., I however do not want to lose that much (maybe 5).  But my overall goal for doing this cleanse is to start a habit of eating healthy and hopefully not splurging so much or as often.  I tend to have a weakness for cake, cookies, pie, pizza, etc. 🙂   I also plan on keeping this as my diet for a while, but I’ll be adding other things to the days so I get my protein and other nutrients I need for running (I’ll add my daily meal plans next week & recipes).  I’m also going to add suggestions I have throughout the week, do’s and don’ts based on our personal adventure this week!

So here we are!  Day 1: All Fruits All Day!

Basically Matt and I went to the grocery store on Sat and bought all fruits that we enjoy eating: Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Kiwi, Berries, Peaches, and Pineapple, Cherries.  I wanted a nice variety of fruits because each fruit has a different nutrient to offer.  According to the website, if you want to lose the more weight you should stick to the melons or other fruits with lower calories.  I don’t care if I lose a lot of weight so I went with variety!

Here’s what I’m eating today:

Breakfast: Berries (about 1 1/2 cups total, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries)

Snack: 1 peach & about 1/2 cup Pineapple

Lunch: Watermelon & Honeydew (about 2 cups)

Snack: 2 Kiwi and roughly 1 cup Grapes

Supper: 20 Grapes, 1/2 c. Honeydew, & 5 Cherries

I’m also drinking about 4-5 L of water a day; which isn’t any different then what I usually drink (yes, I drink that much water, no it’s not crazy 😉 ).

Lesson Learned Today: Eat more/Plan better!!!! 

By 3:30 I was hungry and not just hungry but the light-headed kind of hungry.  I thought I had a good plan about what to eat and when today, but I ate my afternoon snack and my lunch at the same time, which meant I had nothing else to eat the rest of the day.  I was even supposed to run 4 miles today…wasn’t going to happen.  I was stupid, and I should know better.   At least I’ll know now for tomorrow and the remainder of the week!

At Home Workout:

Because we were both pretty hungry we decided the gym probably wasn’t a good idea.  And probably won’t be a good idea until at least Day 4 when we actually get to eat real food 🙂  I didn’t want to not do anything today so I decided to do an at-home workout.  I found this:

I highly doubt this actually burns 1000 calories, because for me to burn that much I’d have to run at least 10 miles and this took me about 30 min….  But I will admit it’s a good workout 🙂  I did modify because I really didn’t think I could do that many of everything for 7 rounds.  This is my version:

Round 1:

60 Jumping Jacks, 50 Crunches, 20 Squats, 15 Push-ups

Round 2:

20 each (Jumping Jacks, X-jumps, Burpees), 50 Side Crunches (25 each side), 15 each (Right & Left Squats), 15 Tri-cep Dips

Round 3:

20 each (High Knees, Mtn. Climbers, X-Jumps), 50 Crunches (10 V-ups, 10 Leg Lifts, 10 Bicycles, 20 sit-ups), 30 Hip Thrusts, 10 Angle Push-ups

Round 4:

50 Jumping Jacks, 1 min. Plank, 30 Calf Raises, 20 Mtn. Climbers

Round 5:

30 High Knees, 10 X-jumps, 10 Burpees, 10 Jumping Jacks, 40 Sit-ups, 30 Sumo-squats, 20 Tri-cep Dips

Round 6:

15 each (Jumping Jacks, X-Jumps, Mtn. Climbers, Burpees), 50 Crunches, 35 Hip Thrusts, 15 Angle Push-ups

Round 7:

50 Jumping Jacks, 1 min Plank, 35 Calf Raises, 10 Push-ups

Try out your own versions, change things up a little to fit you!



2 thoughts on “The Start of a Healthy Lifestyle: Day 1

  1. Your “weakness for cake, cookies, pie, pizza, etc” is probably genetic!!! Good for you, though, in opting to do something now instead of putting it off.

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