Expedition Everest Challenge/Bestie Visit!!!

One thing I absolutely hate about living far away from home is that we don’t get to see our friends and family as much we want to.  We’ve been lucky (and once unlucky) enough to have been able to go home for good (and bad) times.  So it’s even more special when we have visitors; for those of you haven’t visited yet… shame on you!!!! 😉

Anyway, at the beginning of May, my Best Friend came to visit!!!!!!!!  Though it was way too short, we had a blast!! 🙂  It’s funny how you don’t see someone in a few months (since Oct.) and you can pick up right where you left off; love it!!!!  A little nightlife in Gainesvillle, fun in the sun, a few FRIENDS episodes while making our team ‘Panther Rumble’ shirts and most important Disney World makes for one great weekend!!!!

As most of you know I started running and signed up for every Disney run possible (while we are here, might as well).  I signed B, Matt and myself up for Disney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.

The race was a 3 mile run with a few obstacles followed by a Scavenger Hunt…Holy Gong Show Disney!!!!  It was incredibly chaotic as everyone and their mom was trying to run 3 miles within a sea of people trying to do the scavenger hunt.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the most fun I’ve had running…. But the Scavenger Hunt was pretty neat, we had to figure out clues in order to get to the next place/clue which lead us to the after party and our medals.  We didn’t stay too late since B’s flight left early the next morning, but we had fun while it lasted!!


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