Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend (Part 1)

With the Disney races you are offered discount park tickets, so Matt and I decided to go to the Magic Kingdom!!

Not going to lie…as an adult, kind of a let down…  I’m not going to say we didn’t enjoy it but we are 27 without kids, it’s not really all that exciting (the rides at least).  That’s ok, it was still fun being there:)  There’s is a lot to look at and see, everything is shaped like a Disney Character and you just feel super happy as soon as you enter.  I don’t know how anyone could not enjoy themselves at Disney, it’s just so entertaining.

The one thing I noticed was that everyone was so friendly, you took their family picture and they would take yours…. there’s never a hestiation of ‘will this person steal my camera?’  It’s Disney everyone’s happy and helpful and nice…people should act like they are at Disney World everyday 😉


One thought on “Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Weekend (Part 1)

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