Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (Part 2)

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all the exclamation points help you understand how AWESOME and incredible this race is ūüôā

After the Disney 1/2 Marathon I did with my sister in Jan. I decided one wasn’t enough. So that Tuesday after the race I signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon and continued my training (after recovering from a cold…). To prepare and make sure I trained better than last time, I signed up for a few local races (2 -15K runs). The first race I felt really good and really prepared, ran the whole time and finished in under an 1 hour and a half (Yea Me!!!!). The second race was awful… I came in last (well I thought I was last until I looked at the race results later that day, 3rd to last). I was able to run the first 4-5 miles ok, and then it just went to Hell, I just couldn’t do it… so I basically walked the last 4 miles…. I would look back occasionally and literally no one was behind me… even the water stations had packed up for the day. It was such a let down and after that you just don’t feel motivated to keep going. But I had to, so I did:)

I kept debating whether or not I wanted to dress up for the Disney Princess 1/2; I saw lots of people dressed up for the other Disney run. It looked fun but not very practical. But then I thought a little more about it and the Disney runs are for fun and that was the kind of attitude I wanted to have while running, so I ordered my pink tutu. When it came in the mail I felt way more excited about the race!!!

I was super excited about this race.¬† I apologized to my sister before hand cause, honestly, I was way more excited about this race than the first Disney race.¬† I was more prepared and I knew what to expect.¬† I can’t even begin to explain the anticipation and the excitement for one of these races!!

There was something a little different about this race…. it was mainly all women, they said about 5% was men (and if you can figure it out… 19,000 ppl and 5% men), that’s a lot of estrogen.¬† I don’t know about you but whenever you put that many women together it doesn’t usually turn out very good.¬† Put a bunch of women together for a good cause, it’s a different story and everyone becomes best friends;)¬†¬† Everyone sits around waiting to run and share their stories of how they got there and training and their fears about the race.¬† It’s just so amazing how everyone comes together when there is a common goal.

My goal was to a) finish and b) make a decent time and c) have fun and take pictures with majority of the characters.¬† When it was time for our corral to start our Fairy Godmother (yes, that’s right Fairy Godmother, don’t you just love it??), Bibbity¬†Bobbity¬†Bo’d and started the fireworks to send us of on our journey:)

There were so many photo ops along the way:

Captain Jack Sparrow

All the Princes!!!!!

All Evil Characters!!!!

**my horrible attempt at being evil…. I just can’t look menacing…

And then you enter the Magic Kingdom Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**There were soooo many volunteers around to take your picture and help you remember the experience, so cool!!!!!!

The Mad Hatter:

Cinderella & Prince Charming!!!

And then the Magic Kingdom!!!!  Oh My Gosh!!!!  It was sooooooooooo cool, there were royal trumpeters announcing our arrival, very cool!!!!


Mrs. Incredible!!!

Mushu (from Mulan)!!!!

And finally the finish line and receiving my medal!!!!!!!

Such a fun race!!!!!!!¬† I can’t wait to do it again next year (hopefully my mom and sister will be¬†joining me)!!¬† I signed up for¬†all the Disney races for the rest of the year.¬†¬†In May my best friend is coming to visit and we (along with Matt) are doing the Everest Challenge.¬† In September Matt and I are doing the¬†Tower of Terror 10 miler and then in November I’m doing the¬†Wine & Dine 1/2 Marathon.¬† Can’t wait to share all these expereiences with you!!!!!!

What is your one of your favorite races?¬† If you’ve done any of the Disney races which one is your favorite?¬†¬†Fee free to share!!!!!


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