Disney 1/2 Marathon!!!

When my sister helped me move to FL she decided we were going to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon, she thought it would be a nice goal and vacation for her and her hubby and, I agreed because, honestly I didn’t think it would be that hard.  I’ve always worked out and tried to stay in pretty good shape.  I also did a couple 10Ks, so how hard could a 1/2 marathon be?

I started training for the Disney 1/2 Marathon in Mid-Oct.  I thought I was training as well as one could working 50 hours a week, sometimes 60 hours, and for someone whose goal was to finish and not be last.  Three months goes by really fast when you are trying to train…and even faster when you aren’t really paying attention:)

December came super fast and I suddenly realized I was screwed (excuse my language Gmas)…  I blame it on daylight savings…mostly because I was running 4 times a week (3 times after work and my long run on Sundays) until daylight savings came and it was dark by the time we got home from work.  So then I had to try and get to the gym, not only did I have to motivate myself but the hubby (since we work together and therefore drive together).  Most days I kept telling myself, I can go tomorrow:)  Ahhh, the old tomorrow trick…  We’ve all been there, ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow’, or ‘I’ll clean tomorrow’…a few too many tomorrows later and it was Jan. 6.

Matt and I picked up Josh and Tiff from the airport and made our way to the Pop Century Disney Resort!!!  We got checked into our hotel room and then made our way to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our packets and bib numbers!!!!  Being at Disney really made me excited and nervous about the race…it was really hard to sleep (I’m too excited to sleep)!!!!  The next morning came really quickly, it does that when you have to get up at 3am.  Dressed and ready to go we (Tiff, Josh, Matt and I) got on the busses to take us to the start!!

Holy Thousands of People (and Port-a-Potties)!!!!  Tiff and I walked with thousands of other people to the start line.  I guess I didn’t realize the amount of people that actually ran these things!!  It was ridiculous and exciting and overwhelming…you could hear the announcer and the music as you got closer to the start line.   It was even more exciting when you could actually see it!!!  With each corral there was fireworks and music and countdowns, it was awesome!!!  My sister and I ran together for about the first mile, she runs too slow for me so I left her…sorry Tiff!!

13.1 miles, and 2.5 hours later I finished!!!!  Yea me!!!!  It was an awesome experience that I’m pretty excited to do again!!!!  There was a lot to see along the way.  Throughout the Magic Kingdom and all throughout the course you could take pictures with characters and landmarks.  I really wish I would have known how much stuff there was along the way, I would have taken it easier and taken more pictures.  I was definitely not prepared as I could have been, but I finished and that’s all that matters!!!  🙂  If you would like to see my time/place and/or the professional pics and videos for the race check out:



I also found an awesome website for really funny running gear!!  This is where I got the t-shirts for the guys, if you can’t read the shirts they say: I don’t DO half marathons, but I DO a half marathon runner! (Totally inappropriate, but hilarious) Hahaha!!! They had some really great one’s to choose from!!


When we got back to Gainesville I signed up for another 1/2 Marathon, the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!!!  I’m super excited!!  Feb. 26, 2012 here I come!!!!!!!


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