2011 A Year in Review–Part 3!!!

If you are wondering why I didn’t make this one big post, it’s because I can’t figure out how to keep typing after I enter the photo galleries;)  This is my first blogging attempt so bear with me as I try to figure this whole thing out:)

Top 10 of 2011 (Expanded Version cont.)

#5: The Beach

Living in Gainesville means we are super close to the beach, about an hour and a half!!!!  I don’t want to brag… but it’s awesome!!!!!  Ever since we moved to MN when I was little I knew I wasn’t meant to live there forever… I hate snow and being cold (sorry friends and family, I love you but I don’t like the cold weather).  Anyway… so living in FL was totally up my alley!!!  It may extremely hot and humid during the summer, but I love it!!!   We went to the beach a few times this summer (I know what you’re thinking, only a few times???, well Matt didn’t move to FL until late July so we didn’t make it to the beach until about August…).  Matt and his work buddies decided to try their hand at surfing and now Matt is calling himself a ‘surfer’.  I don’t want to be negative about my wonderful husband but I don’t recall seeing him actually standing on the board…  🙂  Next summer he’ll be able to practice more often and maybe the title will stick better.


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