2011 A Year In Review–Part 1!!!

For those of you who actually read the Christmas Letter…yea you!!!  I don’t know how many people actually read those things, so I really wouldn’t take offense if you didn’t.  For those of you who didn’t read the Christmas Letter, I figured I could highlight a few of the things we did last year:)

Top 10 of 2011 (The Expanded Version):

#1 & #2: Matt graduating was actually 2010, but it was so epic that it gets to be talked about in 2011:)  I was waiting for that moment for quite a while so I was super proud of him when then time actually came.  I planned a giant party, as most of you know, and there was a giant blizzard…. thanks MN weather!!!

#3 Cruise: In January we went on a cruise with my sister, Tiffany, and brother-in-law, Josh.  It was the first for both of us and we had a lot of fun.  We went on a fishing tour in the Bahama’s, Josh and Matt made sand castles and we ran into a bunch of Santa’s on vacation after the holidays.  It was pretty funny watching the guys make sand castles, cause they were taking it pretty serious.  Plus, there were so many people stopping and taking pictures of their creation, it was very entertaining!!  Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, the tide came in and started washing it away… 😦


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